Track My Asthma

Easy to Use Control Panel

Track My Asthma is an easy way to track your Asthma. You can use it as a personal Asthma diary or use it to track multiple peoples Asthma.

The control panel gives you a centralised point from which you get easy access to all the functions of Track My Asthma.

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Track your Medication Usage

Track My Asthma makes it super easy to track your medication usage. Every time you take a dose of your medication, add it to the Doses Taken page to get a complete diary of medication usage. The colour coding makes it simple to see if doses are being missed. You can also filter by medication to see just a list of those doses. Your health data is yours so you can export it to CSV at any time.

Track your Peakflow

Much like in Doses Taken, the peak flow diary is simple to use. When you take a measurement, add it to the tracker to get a full record of your peak flow measurements. Optionally, you can mark how you were feeling at the time to help you keep track of symptoms. You can choose to add your peak flow data to Apple Health. As with the Doses Taken, you can export your peak flow data to CSV at any time.

Add Reminders

Set reminders in the app to send you notifications when it is time to take medications, do a peak flow reading or book an appointment to see the Doctor or Asthma Nurse. Set the reminders to repeat Daily, Weekly Monthly or just a one-off.

Keep Track of your Medication

In the Medications page, add all the medications you want to track. Add data like its name, the number of doses per day, type of medicine (Inhaler or Tablet), notes about it. If it's your rescue medication, you can choose to add it to Apple Health's Inhaler Usage section.

View your Progress in Charts

The Charts page allows you to view your progress over time easily and intuitively. For each of the medicines that you are tracking, you can view the doses you have taken. The peak flow chart will help you see changes over time. If need you can export the underlying chart data as CSV.